Acting on Film

The Most Violent Poster

The Most Violent

A German soldier runs away from his past life while being chased by the repercussions of his actions.


Eight young immigrants in New York City seek to escape the oppressive control of the man who brought them into the country though a highly unusual immigration scam.

Burnt Still Victor Natus_ Matthieu Desca

Burnt (Remake)

Two friends, who's friendship has gone silent for years due to past disputes, cross paths again. After a revenging chase and fight, the two are left to talk it out and deal with their repercussions. 

Eggs & Bacon

A blind man making breakfast is interrupted by a series of external events, which put his breakfast and apartment in jeopardy.

Eggs & Bacon
Victor Natus web-series Spare Room.png

Spare Room

Two best friends rent out their 3rd spare room via AirBnB. Against all odds they find themselves having to deal with a quite alternative European traveler, who's keen to show the two how to quote on quote "explore their gap".

Acting on Stage

Love and Information

A kaleidoscopic play of short scenes addressing contemporary issues about knowledge, technology and communication, and our capacity for love.

Love and Information

Dog Sees God:

Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead

An "unauthorised continuation," the play reimagines characters from the popular comic strip Peanuts as degenerate teenagers. Drug use, child sexual abuse, suicide, eating disorders, teen violence, rebellion, sexual relations and identity are among the issues covered in this parody of the works of Charles M. Schulz.

Director of Photography

French Picnic

A couple wakes up after the night before to find that something isn’t quite right in their bedroom. The repercussions of last nights actions might bring up some hidden insecurities bubbling under the surface of their relationship and new opportunities.

French Picnic Poster