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Love and Information


Caryl Churchill’s Love and Information is a kaleidoscopic play of short scenes addressing contemporary issues about knowledge, technology and communication, and our capacity for love. The play is divided in seven sections, numbered 1 to 7, each comprising a number of short scenes. In the published script, the scenes are each given a title (eg 'Secret', 'Affair', 'Fate', 'Chinese Poetry'). A 'Note on the Text' specifies that 'The sections should be played in the order given but the scenes can be played in any order within each section'. There are also a number of 'random' scenes, printed at the end of the published text, that can be performed at any stage of the play.

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Actors Statement:

Working with artists that have been by your side for 2 consecutive years, creates an environment of trust, quality and most importantly artistic freedom. I have had the pleasure to be working with 2 extraordinary directors, who were not only my mentors and teachers at the time, but through the process became my dear friends. Every scene, every moment, every line spoken and every movement was thoroughly thought through and discussed in a collaborative way that I have never seen before. 

Due to this bond between cast and directors, we were able to create a piece of theatre that has left our audience in aw till this present day. A complex, extraordinary piece with yet a simple and clear core was the base to a invaluable experience for the cast and crew as well as a glimpse into what is to expect from these unique artist and creators. - Victor Natus


Production Stills:

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