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Eggs & Bacon


A blind man making breakfast is interrupted by a series of external events, which put his breakfast and apartment in jeopardy.

Directors / Writers Statement:

Written, shot and produced within a week in quarantine, we created the film using only the few pieces of equipment available in our living room.  A project that started out intending to be a 3-minute short for a festival grew into a longer, larger film, which explores the intricacies and challenges of living alone, during this time, whilst also facing one’s own internal battle. 


Continuing to create work and find joy in doing so with those around you is vitally important to us in a time when these opportunities are more rarified than ever. In making 'Eggs 'n' Bacon' we gave ourselves a challenge, learnt a hell of a lot during the process and created a film which, we hope, gave an insight into something not usually experienced on screen. - Matthieu Descamps & Cameron Tharma & Victor Natus, Oneiros Collective

Production Stills:

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