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Dog Sees God


An "unauthorised continuation," the play reimagines characters from the popular comic strip Peanuts as degenerate teenagers. Drug use, child sexual abuse, suicide, eating disorders, teen violence, rebellion, sexual relations and identity are among the issues covered in this parody of the works of Charles M. Schulz.

Directors / Writers Statement:

As first time directors, we were lucky enough to have a cast that we knew well and had been working amongst for the past two years. Knowing each of their strengths and trusting their instincts was a key element of the rehearsal process and what in turn lead to a successful and thriving production. 


It was a hugely fulfilling project, which our actors threw themselves into 100%, and our audience members showed tremendous support towards, which we are truly grateful for. We are humbled and thrilled to say this production marked the beginning of a world of possibilities to come for Oneiros Collective. - Minna Moynahan & Giovani Sandoval, Oneiros Collective

Production Stills:

Cast & Crew:

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