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Two friends, who's friendship has gone silent for years due to past disputes, cross paths again. After a revenging chase and fight, the two are left to talk it out and deal with their repercussions. 

Writers / Actors Statement:

Believe it or not, being in the US as a German and French actor isn't really the easiest path one could choose for his career, but my dear friend, colleague, co-founder and actor Matthieu Descamps and I took this challenge upon us to go further than what the industry would offer us. We wrote short movies, scenes and took many scenes from famous movies and re-wrote them so that we would fit the part. This gave us an opportunity to show off our best features while still remain active in the acting world. 

We had the pleasure to be directed by our acting coach, mentor and dear friend Todd Susman. His input always gives the scene a certain twist that it wouldn't have without it. He just has an eye for it. Needless to say, without those two I wouldn't be where I am today. - Victor Natus

Production Stills:

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